How To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is known to be the most common cancer among women worldwide. There are many causes for this and hence many women can be easy targets. Hence it would be much wiser to prevent this rather than cure. So here are some of the things you could do.

1. Reduce alcohol consumption

It has been found that women who drink moderately or do not drink at all are not often diagnosed with cancer. High levels of alcohol will bring high risk of cancer. Hence, if you are a heavy drinker, start controlling it from today. It is obvious that you cannot stop suddenly, so make a plan and try to reduce it to one glass of alcohol per day.

2. Physical exercise

Exercising has always been good for health. Well, it is a must for good health. If you exercise five days a week, then you have less to worry about. You could stay fit and also prevent many diseases; not only cancer. Physical exercise promotes good blood circulation which will keep your inner system refreshed always.

3. Stay away from implants

It is understood that you’d love to get a breast enhancement if they are not in proportion. However, do you really want to sacrifice your health for bigger breasts? Think again.

Such breast implants can be harmful and may not be accepted by your system which then will lead to more and more complications. So try to stay away from them as much as possible. Check this website if you are looking for breast implants.

4. Healthy diet

Your food is one of the main sources for any disease you’d get. Food contains nutrients as well as harmful chemicals which can affect your inner system and harm your cells. Woman who eat a healthy diet are always said to remain fit.

5. Maintain your weight

Obesity is another major cause. With obesity, your body’s immune system will get weak and hence will lose the power of fighting back the cancerous cells. Lower weight means lower risk of cancer.

6. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a great way to prevent breast cancer. It is advised to breastfeed at least six months to your infant. Since breast cancer is mostly originated in the milk ducts, the continuous flow will prevent cancer cells developing. However, this may not work if you smoke. Even if women did get diagnosed with cancer after breastfeeding, they seem to have been identified ten years later than women who do not breastfeed.

Since prevention is better than cure, always make it a point to be cautious about certain changes in your body. Go for regular check ups and stay away from bad eating habits. Stay healthy always.

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