July 15, 2024

What You Should Be Doing To Take Better Care Of Your Bones

One of the biggest problems the people of today face is osteoporosis and other bone and muscle related ailments and diseases. But given the lifestyle that we live today, it is no big shocker as well. Nonetheless, it is our duty and up to us to take better care of our bodies and health not only for ourselves but for our families too, and that starts from taking care of your bones. So here are some things you should be doing to take better care of them.

Eat calcium high foods

The biggest component that is needed in your body to make sure you aren’t prone to bone diseases is calcium. Calcium strengths the bones making sure that over time, your bones don’t lose their strength and damage. And so, that is why any orthopaedic surgeon Sydney would prescribe calcium tablets for those suffering from bones and muscle ailments. However, though there are calcium tablets out there, you should be looking for the natural means through which you can feed this component in to your body. So, adding dairy products, tofu, almonds, dried fig, boned fish and such, to your diet would help you get the required calcium content in to your body as they are rich in calcium.

Add vitamin D

In addition to calcium, vitamin D is another component that is very much essential for your bones and body. The best way to get this component is to be out exposed to the morning sun as it is rich in this content. However, if you are living in a country where the sunlight is rarely felt or there, then find vitamin D supplements and make sure to add them as well, in to your daily nourishment routine.

Work out

There is nothing better than working out to train your muscles and bones to be fit and strong. So enroll yourself in a gym today and work out the weights. You could also choose to jog, do aerobics, dance or even play tennis to give your body this work out.

Avoid smoking and drinking

If there was one way you can ruin your own body over time that would be to be a chain smoker and alcoholic. Smoking and drinking not only ruins your lungs and liver but your bones as well. By engaging in these two you are causing a loss of mineral density to your bones and that in turn increases the ‘thinning’ process of such bones, causing you to become more prone to diseases like osteoporosis and such. So avoid drinking and smoking. Consider the above tips and take better care of your body and bones!