June 21, 2024

Cancer Is Now Curable Completely!

bowel cancer

Cancer is considered as biggest killer from many years. Many people diagnose this disease at last stage. Bowel cancer screening in liverpool is also a major cancer after breast cancer. Many young and old people every year die of bowel cancer. Our eating habits also cause bowel cancer. According to research men are more victimized of bowel cancer instead of women.

Reasons of bowel cancer:

  • Inherited or genetics also causes the risk of bowel cancer. Many people who avoid consuming junk sometimes suffer from bowel cancer. Because bowel cancer is a genetic disease.
  • High red meat consumption also causes bowel consumption. Red meat is hard to digest and if a person consumes it on daily basis, he has higher risk of bowel cancer.
  • Overweight is also biggest issue. It causes many diseases like heat issue and also bowel cancer. To avoid being obese; always do exercise in morning.
  • Alcohol consumption also causes bowel cancer. Alcohol is worst for human health. It also causes many lungs and other diseases.
  • Smoking is also bad for health. Many fatal diseases are caused by smoking and bowel cancer is also one of them.

When does a person need colonoscopy?

To diagnose bowel cancer, colonoscopy is best process. Many people feel confused that when they need colonoscopy.

  • Abdominal pain:

Abdominal pain is common. But severe abdominal pain needs some attention. For constant abdominal pain just do a colonoscopy to diagnose any major problem of intestine.

  • Bloating:

Bloating is also a serious issue. Many people do not take it serious but it also needs attention. Consult with a doctor to diagnose any sever problem related to stomach. Do a colonoscopy for better results and diagnoses. 

  • Blood in stool:

Bleeding in stool is also a serious issue. Bleeding in stools is sign of any server bowel problem. In this cause a patient should consult with a doctor. He must do a colonoscopy to diagnose any serious issue.

  • Diarrheal:

If a person suffers from diarrheal issues most of time then he has a serious bowel issue. These kinds of patients must make immediate contact with a doctor. They also do colonoscopy for better diagnose of a disease.

Colonoscopy is necessary to diagnose serious issues related to bowel cancer. This cancer is also dangerous for human. Many people every year die due to this serious problem. Moreover, this cancer is same as minor stomach problems, but needs some serious majors. In Australia, Dr. Kate Gibson is a well-known colonel surgeon. She is well known for colonoscopy and diagnose of dangerous disease.

Dr. Kate Gibson is providing her service in this field from years. And with many successful operations this clinic is reliable for many patients. Dr. Kate Gibson is providing colonoscopy in burwood facility. She also gives appropriate treatment to her patients. She examines the condition of patient and also evaluates the result by condition. She also takes complete detail about patient and history of disease. Dr. Kate Gibson is reliable for those people who love their selves.