June 21, 2024

The Mommy Makeover – What Is It?

Social media is there to remind us that pregnancy is not the end of the line for women wanting to remain fit – but the sheer amount of celebrities and fitness gurus who lose their weight right after giving birth is probably making the most of us wondering exactly what is going on. Not to add, many are popularizing the new trend – the ‘mommy makeover’ – which is using plastic surgery to get back into shape. Is there a connection between the two?The answer is ‘not exactly’. Whilst most celebrities and fitness lovers do certainly rely on plastic surgery to a certain extent, the procedure is by no means related to their drastic weight losses in the first few weeks or months after giving birth. As any well-meaning breast augmentation Gold Coast will let you know, it is hazardous to your health to attempt to do any form of invasive procedures on your body so soon after a stressful and damaging experience. Most surgeons will recommend new mothers to wait at least half a year before attempting any kind of surgery, and in certain cases, maybe even more.

Therefore, the sudden weight loss you see in most public figures is not a result of surgery. It is instead a result of careful exercise and diet throughout the pregnancy – most of these individuals are well-versed in the sciences of healthy eating and exercises, and others rely on personal trainers to guide them throughout the journey. The result is that they do not put on much weight – the baby bump is simply just the baby and the bloating that comes along with pregnancy. After giving birth, both of these disappear, and it is almost impossible to say that the person in question had just been through a pregnancy. Visiti https://drmagnusson.com.au/procedures/body-lift/ for body lift.

That being said, mommy makeovers are still very much popular once the six-month wait has passed. Pregnancy does not solely bring about weight gains that can be whittled down by mere exercise. It brings about stubborn fat deposits, irreparable damages to abdominal muscles and tears in the vaginal tissue that need extensive surgery to fix. Just as you would get a brow lift to help with your vision, mommy makeovers also have a functional meaning in their procedures – they help women regain the functionality of their bodies that they have lost.

The most common surgeries involved here are the tummy tuck and liposuction for the abdominal muscles and fat deposits around the stomach area, the labiaplasty to correct any deformations of the vaginal labia, and breast augmentation and lifts to help with deflated and sagging breasts. Of course, not all women necessarily require all of these procedures – it depends on what you wish to change, and what your surgeon believes might fit your needs best.