March 4, 2024

Knee And Hip Surgery

For several years the medical processes have been revised, updated and made easier for humans. Doctors, researchers and scientists are continuously working in bringing improvements in methods for treatments. Experiments are tested under careful observations to ensure productivity and analysis of results. These results are tested time and due over the period and new suppositions are devised from past results. Apart from this, organ replacement has been an important point of concern in the medical field. Artificial organs like electronic limbs, bionic arms are now installed to bring back mobility and normal functionality of humans which may have been damaged due to some accident. 

No injury is should be taken lightly or ignored as a small tear in the tissue or the muscle if not checked properly can cause you more and more damage with increased mobility. When an organ receives beyond repair damage, it is often suggested by doctors to replace it with a plastic organ or a porous material that lets you get mobile for a good number of years. The hip surgery is a complicated and careful surgery as the incision is quite big, the patient’s health is carefully checked before a surgery to determine whether the patient can bear the consequences of it.  

Age is a very important factor when it comes to knee and hip replacement surgery. Older patients are difficult to operate because of the risk of other diseases. High blood sugar, hepatitis, unstable heart rates, cancer or any other diseases decreases the speed of recovery and also a lot of medications are avoided or replaced because one medicine could combat one disease but disturb the other one. A metal ball is placed in the hip which lets the bone grow with the implanted metal ball hip. This could last for a great number of years. A knee surgery requires a pre surgery in detail scan and other scans that provide an extensive look of the knee to develop the replacement in way that is exactly equal to the original knee’s size, position and dimensions.  

Talking about innovation in knee and hip replacement surgeries, scientists have now come up with robots who work as doctors and surgeons, They believe a robotic knee replacement surgery can be carried out easily and even more precise than a human being. The robotic solution might be available in the market but the need for has not been generated yet. Even if it is proved by the doctors but still there is an immense lack of trust and expertise when it comes to a human life. People will hardly ever rely on getting their surgeries done by a robot that too which is life-threatening. The sensory attachment of a human doctor can hardly be ever replaced because the decision making and being able to sense a patient’s mental a physical condition and communicating in a manner that satisfies the patient is only a human’s skill.   best-medical-centre